Explore Alternative Alignments

This game provides an easy and fun way to explore the alternatives and share your opinions!

As part of a study on enhancing transit in the northeast portion of RTA’s service area, the Study Team is looking at a number of distinct alternatives - ranging from "No Build" to “Do Minimum” and “Build Alternatives” - and we need your input!

Each build alternative has some key differences, including the type of vehicles it uses, the neighborhoods it goes through, potential impacts on the environment, and others. We want to know your thoughts on the ups and downs of each.

To get started, select your preferred answer under each question, and you'll see which of the build alternatives best matches your choices. Play with your responses to see how that changes your results. Then click on “Explore” to learn more about your top build alternatives and make sure to let us know what you think by filling out the feedback form.

Thanks for getting involved, and stay tuned for other ways to help shape the future of transit in the study area! 

What Transit Mode Would You Prefer?
What Neighborhoods, Areas, or Corridors Would Best Serve Your Transit Needs?